It never ceases to amaze me what I learn from fearful flyers.  And takeoff has been the source of many insights. I “get” it that many fearful flyers are rattled by the “rockin’ and rollin’” during the takeoff roll down the runway.

What surprises me is that for many, getting airborne provides no relief.  Instead of feeling comforted by the acceleration and climb, many fearful flyers have a nagging dread from the thought that the airplane won’t be able to sustain its momentum and will “settle” back to Earth.  Not likely!

In all my years of working with fearful flyers, I’ve heard a million questions and I love answering them.  I’m always listening to what they tell me about what bothers them.   And I always learn something new!

You see, we bring our own perceptions, our own “stories” to fear of flying and what we tell ourselves about what’s going on up there.  I love it in our live Phoenix classes when someone asks a question and when they hear the answer, I can just see the relief my answer brought to them.

Sometimes just one piece of information–the right information!–is critical in overcoming fear of flying.

So learn all you can about takeoff.  You can start with my informative article about takeoff.  Get the facts and get clear on what’s going on during all that “rockin’ and rollin down the runway.”

My goal is for you to eventually be able to say to yourself, “So what’s the big deal about takeoff?”

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