You are not alone!

Fear of Flying is one of the most commonly experienced phobias among adults. The number of fearful flyers is estimated at nearly 25% of the population.

We’ve heard story after story of people who missed out on family vacations, job promotions, and business opportunities. Do you have your own fear of flying story? Then you’ve come to the right place because our passion is helping people like you!

FearlessFlight has partnered with Air Hollywood, the World’s Largest Aviation-Themed Film Studio, to bring you a world class experience in fear of flying classes.

Air Hollywood presents FearlessFlight will help you go where you want to go, when you want to go, visit places you want to visit and capture memories with families and friends. Our program has been carefully developed by top airline and human factors professionals with more than 32 years experience in fear of flying coaching and therapy. Air Hollywood’s unique aviation-themed studio offers a one-of-a-kind, experiential treatment program in a safe, friendly environment.

And before you come to class, find out how your fear of flying symptoms compare with that of others and  participate in the world’s only Fear of Flying Research Study.

The biggest problem when we talk about fear of flying and how to address and treat it most effectively, is that current information in the research can only talk about general anxiety and fears related to flying, but is not being able to address the specific issues and challenges of real fearful flyers.


Contributing your data will:

1.  Increase the development of new, more effective treatment approaches and services for fearful flyers

2.  Provide critical and current data for mental health providers
3.  Help create more understanding for airlines about fear of flying and how to best serve the needs of fearful flyers


Help find answers to the same questions you might have:

·       How does your fear of flying compare with that of others?

·       Have your fear-of-flying symptoms increase or decreased over time

·       How severe is your fear compared to that of others?

·       What are the main thoughts that keep going through your head?

·       What are fearful flyers currently doing to cope

·       What external events and circumstances contribute to your fear of flying

·       How exactly is fear of flying affecting people’s relationships, and personal and professional lives.

So, please take the few moments it will take to complete this survey and be part of the change that you wish to see!
Simply click or tap the image, or scan the OR Code with your Smartphone or tablet to get started. 
World's largest Fear of Flying Research Study
Thank you!
Capt Ron and the
FearlessFlight® Crew
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