If you’d love to attend Capt Ron’s Cleared For Takeoff 101 course but aren’t local to the Phoenix area, you’re in luck! We’ve posted all 9 videos from the April 6, 2019 CFT 101 class. This is the first of three classes for your journey to becoming a fearless flyer!

Part 1: “The pain in your brain isn’t about the plane.” Learn about the true origins of fearful flying.

Part 2: What are you missing out on? Capt Ron and audience members discuss life events that fearful flyers have missed out on over the years.

Part 3: What are your triggers? Learn about the brain’s role in deciding what is safe and what isn’t safe…learn how your “Elephant Brain” derails rational thinking, and what to do about it.

Part 4: “What is that noise?” “Can this thing even fly?” Learn how there are two pathways to anxiety, and how to recognize, regulate and replace triggers.

Part 5: Capt Ron, Capt Eric and class discuss even more triggers and how to deal with them.

Part 6: How to Train Your Pilot (you heard that right)! Learn which questions to ask-and when to ask-a busy pilot to get the answers you need to put your mind at ease.

Part 7: How connecting with your cabin crew can ease your fears. Turbulence and climate change: is there a connection?

Part 8: Capt Ron and class discuss additional emotional triggers and how to address them so you can have a better flight experience.

Part 9: Student success story: Kimberly Sullivan shares her experience of her successful flight with the CFT 201/301 class round-trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas.

CFT 101 is the first in a series of three classes. Visit our classes page to learn more about upcoming CFT 201 and 301 classes in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

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