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Whether it’s booking your flight, driving to the airport, boarding your flight, taking off, or encountering turbulence — you notice your racing heart, sweaty palms and butterflies in your stomach…

It must be time to fly…

No matter how hard you try, you can’t put those obsessive thought loops out of your mind.

Instead, do what thousands of other fearful flyers like you, experiencing those same feelings, have done:

Get you
FearlessFlight® Kit 
Immediately and effectively relieve your stress related to anxiety, claustrophobia and other negative emotional sensations associated with fears of flying.
“My triggers are the airplane door shutting and claustrophopia.


The FearlessFlight Kit puts my mind at ease. Every time!”

Michelle Villa

What is the FearlessFlight® Kit?

Two words: Your Answer!

The FearlessFlight® Kit is a suite of digital tools to help you move through your fear of flying. It is a collection of audio, video, and document files designed as tools to be used in conjunction with the strategies of the FearlessFlight® Method, all found in this Kit.

What exactly does it do?

Exactly what you need it to!

It is designed to immediately and effectively relieve your stress related to anxiety, claustrophobia and other negative emotional sensations associated with fears of flying and and flight phobia.

Are there any other products like the Kit?

Simply put – NO!

The FearlessFlight® HARMONIZER is the only product available which uses bilateral brain stimulation and a form of hypnosis called “multi-evocation”. It also has actual airplane sounds embedded to help desensitize your conscious mind while “drowning out” your anxiety-triggered self talk that hijacks your brain.

Does it really work?

You bet it does!

Your Fear of Flying is an anxiety disorder. To overcome it you need a way to change your internal dialogue. You cannot do it by yourself – or you wouldn’t experience flight anxiety. That’s where the FearlessFlight® Kit rules! It starts the dialogue for you! It’s been used successfully by thousands of people just like you!

Get Your

FearlessFlight® Kit


Will it help me?

Short answer – YES!

If you experience unwanted and debilitating anxiety and panic attacks that are produced when thinking about or flying on an airplane—whether that’s due to thoughts of mechanical or human error or images of being trapped or confined without the option of leaving when you want –> The FearlessFlight® Kit will help you!


Fear of Flying is an Anxiety Disorder!

It’s colorless, odorless, tasteless and leaves no visible scars–save for those on your heart from missing important life events.

It ruins your Peace of Mind!

The nature of fear of flying is to manipulate your survival instinct into hijacking your mind and holding your ability to think and act rationally hostage.

It does this by commandeering the attention-getting facility of your mind and keeping it locked onto some otherwise harmless thought while convincing you that whatever it has seized upon is…


It ruins your Peace of Mind!


You are helpless to resist

So, while the ultimate solution is to restore your mind’s ability to focus your thoughts where YOU choose, the immediate goal is to break the obsessive-compulsive lock your mind has on your attention and move it to something less anxiety-producing.
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