Part of our Phoenix program for people with a fear of flying involves helping them take an actual flight. So if you’re ready to get on that plane, now is the time to join our October Advanced Class!

One of the things that you need to do to overcome fear of flying is to fly, and we advocate taking a short practice flight. People who have flown in previous Advanced Classes find it helpful to face their fear with other fearful flyers.

As a member of our Advanced Class, you will fly roundtrip from Phoenix to Burbank on a Southwest Airlines’ commercial flight. We have flown Southwest Airlines for two Advanced Classes and find SWA  incredibly supportive of our group of fearful flyers. And the best news has been that the flight over was so amazing for the fearful flyers that we didn’t leave anyone behind in California!  In fact, after we landed back in Phoenix, one of the men in the class told Diane  that this was the first time he didn’t have to take the bus back from California.

Prior to our Advanced Class last spring, Michele hadn’t flown in seven years. After her successful Advanced Class flight to California last spring, we received this email from her after she successfully flew to Chicago in July :

“I’m sure I’ve thanked you before, but I have to do it again, and I will continue to do so, because I am so grateful to you  for enabling me to explore the world!!  I am just elated and feel like my whole life has changed through your program. I will never forget what you have done for me!!!”

Recently Michele emailed me and said, “I haven’t had an opportunity to fly again since July, but the good news is that if I did have an opportunity, I don’t believe that I would have any qualms about flying.”  That’s very good news, Michele!

So if you’re ready to fly with us, read on!

We will take a group of up to 12 fearful flyers (plus coaches).  So…if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of your fear of flying, have we got a deal for you!  Currently Southwest is offering a one-way web-only fare of $49 each way, plus taxes and fees.  Of course, when those seats are gone, they’re gone, so you’ll want to book as soon as possible to get this cheap fare.  Yes, you will book your own ticket and have to practice the full experience of flying, from booking to returning.

Early on the morning of Saturday, October 30, we’ll fly as a group over to Burbank, have lunch, and then fly home.  Coaches are welcome to fly with you. Of course, Diane and I will be there to help.

Included in the Advanced Class tuition fee of $150 is email support leading up to the flight, a webinar the night before the flight, and a pre-flight briefing the morning of the flight.  Coaches accompanying the fearful flyer are NOT required to pay this tuition  fee but of course they’ll need to purchase a ticket for the flight.

Wouldn’t it be nice to PRACTICE flying with a supportive group to Burbank so that as the holiday season arrives, you’ll be ready to tackle a longer flight or two? Check out the video below from the spring Advanced Class.


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