If you have a fear of flying, you’ll enjoy travel expert Pauline Frommer’s interview of Capt. Ron on 4/5/09 for syndicated radio station WOR’s The Travel Show.

During the five-minute interview, Capt. Ron presents some interesting statistics about fear of flying.  He talks about the steps associated with overcoming fear of flying as well as his secret and “most successful” tip for helping people overcome fear of flying.  You’ll have to listen to find out what the tip is.

After the taped interview has ended, host Arthur Frommer comments that Capt. Ron is very “jocular” yet fear of flying is no joke.  Yes and yes!   Capt. Ron’s entertaining, animated, and playful personality is why fearful flyers connect with him and listen to what he’s saying.  Yes, he does joke around about flying, but his joking around during the classes helps people lighten up about their fear of fllying.  It is his warm and friendly personality that endears him to fearful flyers everywhere!

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to learn something, I’d rather learn it from someone who presents information in a fun way.  I’m more likely to listen and learn if I’m entertained at the same time.  Learning from Capt. Ron is enjoyable because he always presents things in a fun way.  I’ve seen some of the fear of flying materials that are out there, and they positively put me to sleep!

If someone is joking around when I’m interacting with them, it helps me to relax. Relaxing is important for fearful flyers who come to us because even the very act of seeking help to overcome their fear makes them anxious.

Capt. Ron also takes the complicated process of flying and makes it easy for anyone to understand.  He’s a born instructor.  As he says in the interview, he “demystifies flying” because if you’re a fearful flyer and don’t know the real facts, you make it up as you fly along.  Education is a powerful weapon in overcoming fear of flying.

Yes, fear of flying is no joke to anyone, especially Capt. Ron.  And Arthur Frommer has Capt. Ron pegged perfectly after hearing him for five minutes.  However, I can’t think of anyone better to work with if you have a fear of flying.  And that’s no joke!

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