Chalk up another success story for Fearless Flight!  A former fearful flyer named Dana recently contacted Diane Owens for help in her ongoing quest to overcome her fear of flying.  After watching a video on the Sky Harbor website  about my fear of flying classes, she told Diane that “Capt Ron was a pilot she could relate to.”  She said I seemed like  someone she could trust.

Dana’s impression of me from seeing me in a video goes to show you how important the role of perception is in our lives.  Can’t build “trust” into keywords on the internet.  It comes from within, the same source that will eventually free you from fear of flying and provide you with easy air travel.

The good news is that fear of flying can be overcome; the bad news is that there’s no magic fear of flying pill.  I was surprised when I first learned how many people search on Google for a fear of flying pill hoping to find an easy way to fly without fear.  Even more surprising has been learning how much shame  many fearful flyers have over taking legitimate anti-anxiety drugs (Xanax, Ativan, Alprazolam, etc).  While no “fear of flying pill” exists per se, I advocate taking prescribed medication after consulting with your doctor as a legitimate and sometimes essential strategy while learning to overcome fear of flying.

The first issue that fearful flyer Dana and I worked on was for her to come up with a game plan that allowed her to integrate the use of her medication with other non-medical coping strategies.  In this way, she could develop a long-term plan for coping with her fear of flying with an eventual goal of flying drug free or at least less reliant on drugs to cope with her anxiety.

All the coping strategies in the world may be for naught if your anxiety causes your mind to race to the point that you can’t remember those strategies when you need them the most. I tell people that there is no prize for seeing how terrified you can become and still get on the airplane.

Conquering fear of flying so that you are free to take advantage of modern air travel isn’t always easy.  It’s a process like the old saying that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So, until there is a bona fide fear of flying pill, we will have to make use of all the resources available–including the existing prescription anti-anxiety medications, education, coping strategies, self-help resources, and coaching services like those available here at

With some work and willingness to face your fear of flying, you will be able to become a fearless flying success story, just like Dana!

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