Ever play the alphabet travel game?  It goes like this:  I’m going to Alaska and bringing my axe, my baseball bat, and my curling iron.  Each person repeats the list and adds another item and so on down through the alphabet.  Ever played the TSA version of this game?

The original game was played long before the TSA began playing with its own rules of the travel game–what you can and what you can’t carry on.  The TSA is responsible for a whole new three-ounce size revolution–go into any convenience store and you’ll see tons of “travel-approved” sizes of toiletries now on the market.

It’s bad enough to be afraid to fly.  But it must be awful to also have to worry about what’s on the approved list and whether your stuff will be pitched by one of those well-intentioned TSA agents if it’s not on the list of acceptable travel items.

Once a fearful flyer is ready to fly, they need the list of what’s TSA permissible and what isn’t.   Someone just did a search for “curling iron” on our site.  Unfortunately they didn’t find our site helpful in that regard.  But because we want to help make flying as enjoyable as possible for you, here’s the link directly to the TSA’s website of what you can and can’t bring on.

So maybe you’ve overcome your fear of flying and are all ready for the big trip.  Ready to play the guys’ version of the  TSA travel game?

I’m going on an airliner and I’m taking an axe, a baseball bat, and my favorite golf club.  Sorry but you and all that stuff won’t get very far past the TSA screeners!  Even if you leave your axe and baseball bat behind, your prized putter Tiger Woods once used  isn’t approved to fly in the cabin with you, no matter how much you distrust the baggage handlers and how nice you are to the TSA agents.

Let’s play the ladies’ version of the packing game:   I’m going on an airliner and I’m taking an aerosol can of hair spray (3 ozs. or less), bath oil (3 ozs. or less), cuticle cutters, deodorant (3 ozs. or less), and eyelash curler.  Great!  You’ll sail right past security with all this stuff in your carry-on bag.  Unfortunately, the TSA site, like our site, doesn’t have “curling iron” listed on either the okay-to-bring or okay-not-to bring list.  Although there’s not a list of approved beauty products, I’d say it’s probably safe to bring it, but if the TSA pitches it, you can always use your eyelash curler in a pinch!

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