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“Capt Eric and I thought you might get a kick out of how far pilots have come since the first FAA license was issued.
I often say, “This ain’t Orville and Wilbur’s airline any more.”
I use that to note the vast improvements in technology, training, and infrastructure that makes flying THE safest way to travel on the planet.
We take it for granted but it helps to pay homage to some of the colorful characters upon whose shoulders we stand.
Fortunately we’ve swapped some of the “color” in exchange for safety!



On March 7, 1956 Floyd H. (Slats) Rogers died in McAllen, Texas.  He was the colorful owner of the first pilot license, and he built the first plane in Texas.  With the help of an engineer friend he designed and built a primitive aircraft, which he flew without instruction, merely 9 years after the Wright brothers.  He became an Army pilot during World War I.  Later he was a barnstormer, circus stunt pilot, and during prohibition he flew bootleg liquor from Mexico to Texas.  After prohibition and some jail time, he did crop dusting.  He walked away from 27 crashes and crawled away from 2 more…..”
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