It’s likely that if you have a fear of flying, you don’t fly very often.  Maybe you even avoid flying altogether.  But just because you have a fear of flying doesn’t mean you won’t have to visit the airport to pick up family, friends, and business associates.

Today the weather is horrible in different parts of the country.  Winter can play havoc with the friendly skies, leaving travelers stranded.  I’ve found a cool site  that’s a great resource for those days when you’re expecting flying guests.

The site is and it gives you information about delays, canceled flights, and flight status for just about anywhere in the world.

I’m expecting my daughter to fly in today from snowy Chicago, and allowed me to click on O’Hare and check on the status of ALL departing flights today.  So far, my daughter’s flight has not been canceled, but she’d be out of luck if she were going to DC today.  Later I’ll consult the site to see if I’ll need to adjust my plans for my trip to the airport.

Hope this site helps to make your holiday trips to the airport more pleasant.  And if YOU want to fly more pleasantly and without fear, check out

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